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It's all Simon's fault. We say this to all framework writers who, even now, are trying to recover from the task assigned them by CFDJ's editor-in-chief: provide an article and an implementation of the Macromedia Pet Market application in their chosen framework. Realizing that our first sentence might not serve as sufficient explanation for those weary framework authors, allow us to provide further clarification... It began with an innocent-seeming dinner for speakers at the recent "Fusebox and Frameworks" conference. When we found ourselves seated next to Simon Horwith, we had a great deal to talk about. During our conversation, Simon suggested that it would be very helpful to ColdFusion programmers if a reference application existed that was implemented in several different frameworks. "We could have a," he said, "and have different framework aut... (more)

Rethinking Decorators

In this article, writes Hal Helms, Ben Edwards (of Mach-II fame) and I rethink the Decorator design pattern. Hal: So, did you see my CFDJ article on decorators? Ben: Yeah. I saw it. Hal: So, what did you think? Ben: Let's just leave it at that: I saw it. Ben and I were talking about my earlier CFDJ article on the Decorator design pattern [cfdj, vol. 6 issue 11]. In the article, I explained how the Decorator pattern could be used in situations in which there exists a base class with various options. In my article, I used the example of a base Coffee object with options such as Ex... (more)


With the release of the MX version, ColdFusion has moved from its strict procedural programming background toward object-oriented design and programming. This move has evoked both hope and fear in developers, some welcoming the decidedly new concepts of object orientation (OO) and some dreading that they will lose the language they love. Within the Fusebox community, the introduction of ColdFusion components (CFCs) has stirred a great deal of interest: Would Fusebox leverage these new capabilities and, if so, how? Almost a year ago, we - along with John Quarto-vonTivadar - began... (more)